Are you affected with Corona Virus ?

This assessment is intended to assist you in making decisions about whether to be tested or seek immediate medical care. This is not a replacement of Diagnosis.

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Do you have a fever or feel feverish ?

Do you have a cough or a sore throat? Or both ?

Are you having trouble breathing or exhaling ?

Have you arrived from abroad within the past 14 days?

Have you been in contact with someone who has been infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the past 14 days (In Bangladesh or through travel) ?

During the past 14 days - did you come in contact with someone who has fever, cough, and shortness of breath ?

Do you suffer from any other conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD (long-term respiratory disease), high blood pressure, Hypertension or heart condition, kidney disease, cancer or any treatment for cancer ?

Any prescription given to you from a doctor recently?

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